Star Strikers: Fireteam Delta is a project that spun off from Wayward Soldiers, a feature-length spec script-turned-novel written by Firedrake Films. Aiming to add another dimension to the story's universe, the decision was made to build custom action figures based on the property. However, instead of directly translating the film's characters and story into plastic form, this sidestory was developed as a fictional animated spinoff - much like how many movie properties from the 1980's were given a similar toned-down treatment. This was done to allow for more clearly-defined roles of good and evil, as opposed to the various shades of grey encountered in Wayward Soldiers, which in turn makes it simpler to understand for casual viewers. Fireteam Delta is set roughly two generations after the novel, in the year CC (Colonial Calendar) 278.

Using G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 parts, which themselves are sculpted in a cartoony and exaggerated style, the Fireteam Delta figures were finally given life. The sidestory itself has little in common with the novel it is based on, other than a shared universe history.