Somewhere out on the fringes of Protectorate space lurks a vast armada, one thousand vessels strong and unified in purpose. At their forefront, aboard his mighty flagship the Iron Hammer, stands the man behind their might – the renegade General Lain. His ambition: to unify every last human colony under his totalitarian rule and to lead humanity on a conquest of the stars.

With Lain’s fleet bearing down on Earth, the Earth Systems Colonial Authority orders the Colonial Forces to amass all their starships as a last-ditch defense. But the general’s attack is a feint! The main force breaks away and shifts into hyperspace!

Around the small, backwater colony world of Bastion, the fleet suddenly reappears and begins a devastating orbital bombardment. A high-value strategic asset for the Authority due to its abundance of Fortanium ore, a key component in starship hulls, Bastion was left all but defenseless in the scramble to barricade Earth. Now, with the Colonial fleet weeks away, the only thing standing between the rogue general and his prize is the Kifaru-class endo/exo-atmospheric transport Bradbury and her six passengers.

Forced to fight not only for their own survival but for their entire way of life, they are…